AIRCRAFT PHOTOS, 1979 - 1985
This a series of web pages I plan to build to display my aircraft photos from circa 1979 to 1985. A short span of years, during which I took photos in the UK of a number of the larger commercial propeller aircraft still operating. Plus some interesting jet aircraft including Comet 4C and Concorde. Many of the photos were taken on Kodak E6 6cm x 6cm slide film using two Mamyaflex C220 cameras, and will appear here as I get them professionally scanned over the coming months. Bryan Benn, Nov 2010. All photos copyright Bryan Benn.


Balair DC-6BUpdated 13th February 2011
British Airways Concorde Updated 12th December 2010
Dan Air Comet 4C Updated 13th December 2010
Boeing 707 aircraft Updated 17th December 2010

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