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This page last updated on 15 March 2021

This page is a photo record of 012 100-4, (01 1100), the magnificent German Einheitslok, that became, in the first part of the 21st Century, the "Dampflok Star" of    DB Museum   and    Rendsburger Eisenbahnfreunde

I am now reloading the webpage covering a historic archive of photos of this lovely German steam locomotive, that I first travelled behind in 1971, when it was still in normal service in what was, back then, West Germany.

I have reloaded it mainly in the format it was in when changes to my web hosting company made it necessary for me to remove it from their servers. I have started to make it a more streamlined (as 012 100-4 was when built) webpage, and I will continue doing that when I have the time.

I also hope, time permitting, to be able to add more photos of this locomotive; taken at any time from when it was first built in 1940. When I am able to do that, I will add a request for additional photos for this web page.

Many thanks to all who have helped with this page. Your work in sorting out and sending these photos has built a superb record of a lovely steam locomotive that has been enjoyed by very many people throughout the world.

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1940/1941 Works photo of 01 1100

What must be a very rare photo from the Robin Garn collection of 01 1100 when nearly new in 1940/41. The pacific is still completely covered by the streamline casing which was very impractical in daily use, especially in war-time. From 1942 onwards every 01.10 had the streamlining casing over the driving wheels removed which must have made day to day "running maintenance" like oiling the motion much easier.

1957: June
01 1100 leaving Neumünster
01 1100 heads away from Bebra in July 1957 with the northbound D 167 "Riviera-Express", a train with through coaches from Italy to Hamburg. All D-trains out of Bebra heading north towards Eichenberg/Hannover with more than 475 t (class 01) or 400 t (class 03) were banked to Cornberg (12.2 kms). It is likely that the banker on the above train is a three cylinder 44 class. Photo by Carl Bellingrodt from the Robin Garn collection.

01 1100 entering Bebra
01 1100 entering Bebra from the south with D 173. Photo taken by Carl Bellingrodt around 1958 from the Robin Garn collection.

01 1100 and 01 1081
01 1081 + 01 1100 both in charge of D 384 (Hamburg - Würzburg - München) are seen entering Fulda on March 31, 1959. Note the unfavourable sandboxes and the different chimney heights. Photo by Joachim Claus, via Robin Garn who supplied the notes.

1959: June

01 1100 roaring along near to Kornwestheim in June 1959. Photo from the Robin Garn collection.

By 1959 the loco had been rebuilt, with it's streamlined casing removed, a new boiler fitted along with oil firing. Additionally it was now fitted with with a casted chimney and sand boxes on the circular step.

For us train timers the rebuilding also saw it's original maximum speed in streamlined form of 150 km/h reduced to 140 km/h.

The photo shows the pacific on train E 862, which ran from Wurzburg via Lauda, Osterburken, Heilbronn and Ludwigsburg to Stuttgart.

Photo of 01 1100

1963: October
Photo of 01 1100 at Hagen Eckesey
A quite wonderful photo of a bygone industrial age from Wolfgang Kölsch via Robin Garn. The scene is the Hagen Eckesey-depot area on October 5, 1963. 01 1100 is naturally the centre piece along with 78 013, 57 1824 and an unidentified 50 class.

1965: October
Photo of 01 1100 with 01 504
01 1100 meets 01 504 - both fine locos of West and East German state railways. Bebra, June 15, 1965. Photo by Joachim Claus via Robin Garn

Photo of 01 1100 01 1100, (012 100-4), accelerating away from Wiera with P1748, the 13.42 Kassel - Marburg passenger on March 11, 1967. Photo by Helmut Dahlhaus.

1967: May
Photo of 01 1100 May 11th saw 01 1100 working train P2716 from Husum to Hamburg-Altona, seen here at Herzhorn. Photo by Gerd Neumann. The 01.10s at that time were quite new to that part of Germany and perhaps the fireman is glad that he no longer has to "hand-fire" and can enjoy the relatively smooth ride of the oil fired three-cylinder engine as compared to the rocking and rolling of a two-cylinder 03 or even P 8. Photo via Helmut Dahlhaus who supplied the notes.
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1969: September
Eight 012s at Hamburg Altona A truly majestic photo from the Robin Garn collection of Bw Altona's roundhouse, with the uniquely toothed turntable pits, and the power of the 012 class. From right to left: 012 084-0, "our own" 012 100-4, 012 103-8, 012 085-7, 012 074-1, 012 061-8, 012 104-6 and partly hidden, 012 102-0. September 28, 1969. What a magnificent sight for the photographer to see in his viewfinder!

1969: September continued
012 100-4 at Hamburg Altona Ulrich Budde photographed 012 100-4 at Hamburg Altona on September 12th 1969.

1969: December
012 100-4 at Hamburg Altona Just on three months later it was Christian Eilers turn to photo our lok at Hamburg Altona, this time at the head of E 2109.

1970: February
Photo of 012 100-4 doubleheading near to Siethwende In February 1970 Rainer Schnell, who at the time did not have a car, walked from Elmshorn station on the Westerland line to Siethwende, about 5 kms away. His walk was in a heavy snowstorm with temperatures of around -10 degrees C. But his heroic efforts were rewarded! Shortly before 012 100-4 appeared doubleheading a passenger train, it stopped snowing. But the light was very dim, and using his Yashica 6x6, set at 1/300th and f3.5, Rainer got this dramatic action shot.

1970: September

This 5th September 1970 photo from Helmut Dahlhaus shows 012 100-4 with D 436 from Westerland crossing D 637 hauled by 012 092 on the Hindenburgdamm.

At that time the Hindenburgdamm was not yet double-track all the way across from the mainland to Westerland.

Helmut had travelled on D 637 all the way from Hamm. Electric traction to Hamburg and then 012 092 from there. As Helmut said when sending the photo ," What better way to start a weekend of steam photography?".

I certainly can't think of a better way!

Photo of 012 100-4 on the Hindenburgdamm

1970: September continued

Photo of 012 100-4 on Hochdonn bridge
Helmut Dahlhaus took this great study of 012 100-4 crossing the Hockbrücke Hochdonn on the 6th September 1970. The pacific was hauling train E2107 on the Hamburg to Westerland line

1970: December
Photo of 012 100-4 near Prisdorf
Great winter weather for a great photo by Christian Eilers of 012 100-4 roaring along North West near Prisdorf on the Hamburg-Westerland line with E2107 on December 23 1970. Photo via Robin Garn.

1971: Hamburg Altona Loco Shed on April 18th
012 100-4 on shed at Hamburg Altona  On April 18th these 012s were still working to Kiel, Westerland & Flensburg. 6 days later I went there and travelled on all those lines, not knowing I would return in the next century and enjoy so many great runs behind 012 100-4!
Photo by the late Hartmut Kuhnke from the Burkhard Wiesel collection, via Eisenbahn Journal & Helmut Dahlhaus.

1971: Hamburg Altona Station and loco shed on 22 May
012 100-4 at Hamburg Altona012 100-4 at Hamburg Altona loco shed
012 100-4 at Hamburg Altona loco shed012 100-4 at Hamburg Altona loco shed
Rainer Schnell spent some time in the company of 012 100-4 on May 22nd 1971. Four of his photos are above: at Hamburg Altona station and at the nearby Hamburg Altona loco shed.

1971: Elmshorn.
012 100-4 at Elmshorn
012 100-4 stomping out Elmshorn with E 1570 on July 10, 1971. Photo by Christian Eilers via Robin Garn

1971: Glückstadt
012 100-4 at Glückstadt Heading D 574, 012 100-4 rushes through Glückstadt on a cloudy July 17 1971. Photo by Christian Eilers via Robin Garn

1971: 012 100-4 heading South from Westerland to Hamburg.
012 100-4 heads D532 over the Hochbrücke Hochdonn 21st August 1971 and 012 100-4 roars over the Hochbrücke Hochdonn hauling D532 from Westerland to Hamburg. Photo by Christian Eilers, via Robin Garn.

012 100-4 between Glückstadt and Krempe on 25th August 1971.
012 100-4 heads D532 over the Hochbrücke Hochdonn Heading over the Marshbahn between Glückstadt and Krempe early on the morning of 25.08.71 with E 2100 from Hamburg to Westerland. In the background are some of the buildings in Glückstadt. Photo from Ulrich Budde

012 100-4 between Westerland and Hamburg on 26th August 1971.
012 100-4 26.08.71and 012 100-4 heads E 2107 South on the Westerland to Hamburg line. Photo from Ulrich Budde

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1973: Near Lathen on 25th June
Photo of 012 100-4 near Lathen 012 100-4 heads D714, the 15.55 from Hamm to Norddeich Mole near Lathen in the early evening of 23rd June 1973. From Rheine to Emden this Schnellzug was scheduled to cover the 141 kms in 95 minutes, with 4 intermediate stops, including one of 4 minutes at Leer. That needed very fast starts and a lot of 120 km/h running, something this loco has proved it is still capable of in the 21st Century. Photo by Helmut Dahlhaus.

1973: 012 100-4 at Leer on 24th July
Photo of 012 100-4 at Leer Helmut Boekhoff has sent his photo of 012 100-4 taken by Wolfgang Zitz at Leer in 1973. Of particular interest is the Heizer standing on the platform. This looks like our very own Fritz Wolff during one of his spells as an 012 Heizer! It's the "bobble hat" that gives the clue!

1973: 012 100-4 at Emden Hbf on 26th July
Photo of 012 100-4 at Emden Helmut Boekhoff has sent his photo of 012 100-4 taken by Wolfgang Zitz 1973. It shows 012 100-4 with just a couple of coaches at Emden Hbf on July 26th.

1973: September
Photo of 012 100-4 near Emden 012 100-4 just a couple of kilometres South of Emden Hbf with train E 2010, an Eilzug bound for Norddeich Mole. Photo by Christian Eilers via Robin Garn.

1973 continued
Fritz Wolff on 012 100-4 Fritz in 2004 with 012 100-4
Fritz Wolff working as a Rheine based heizer, (fireman) on the footplate of 012 100-4 during 1973.

Thirty one years later and Fritz is still working with 012 100-4, now as a volunteer with the Rendsburger Eisenbahnfreunde.

Fritz Wolff travels on nearly all of the DB Museum/Rendsburger Eisenbahnfreunde trains hauled by 012 100-4. On many of these he is seen hard at work as the Rendsburger Eisenbahnfreunde on-train representative working alongside the DB staff. More than 30 years ago, in his student days, Fritz also worked with 012 100-4! In those days in the 1970s it was possible to get two weeks training by DB as a heizer, and then work from Rheine on the 012 pacifics. Fritz took advantage of this and spent his student holidays for several years working as a heizer. He kept records of all his trips, and in the black and white photo above those records show that he was photgraphed by a visiting English steam enthusiast enjoying a cab ride while he was working on 012 100-4.

1974: February

A cold February day in 1974 saw 012 100-4 on shed at Rheine Depot.

The big three cylinder, oil fired pacific still had more than a year's hard work in normal service to do. And that included the summer timetable with it's express passenger trains up the main line from Rheine to Emden and Norddeich Mole.

I travelled behind the loco just once that year, on the 13th July when I caught train E1638 from Leer to Rheine. My notes show that the schedule was very easy, and without any fast speeds the train was running early or on time all the way!

Photos from Jürgen Rech

012 100-4 at Rheine 012 100-4 at Rheine

1974 continued: April 2nd
012 100-4 on D734 at Petkum Volker Siewke photographed 012 100-4, a loco he now drives regularly on the DB Museum/Rendsburger Eisenbahnfreunde trains, near Petkum on the Rheine to Emden and Norddeich Mole line. The pacific was hauling D734, the 11.07 from Norddeich Mole to Köln.

1974 continued: August 4th
012 100-4 on D715 at Norddeich Mole
012 100-4 leaving Norddeich Mole with D715, the 09.20 to München. This train was one of the fast runners on the line to Rheine, scheduled to cover the 114 kms, (71 miles), from Leer to Rheine in 66 minutes. Volker Siewke took the photo.

1974 continued: September 3rd
The scan to the right has been sent by Norbert Steinekamp.

Norbert writes....When I was 14 I'd sometimes ask a driver of an 012 if if he would give me the 'Bremszettel' of the train he'd just driven. I don't know the English term but I'm sure you'll know what it is when you have a look at it. Recently my parents found a couple of these Bremszettel amongst other documents at their house.

Please find in attach a scan of the Bremszettel of D 735 on September 3, 1974. On the back of the document, the number of the loco was noted with a thin pencil: 012 100-4.

I thought maybe you find the document interesting......

Thanks Norbert. Yes, an interesting document about "our lok". I am not sure there is an exact English equivalent of "Bremszettel". But the document contains a calculation done by the zugfuhrer to work out the braking force of the train including loco, to help calculate the maximum safe speed.
012 100-4 Bremszettel

1974 continued: October
012 100-4 at Rheine

A rainy evening at Rheine in October 1974 as 012 100-4 waits at the head of train E3265 for Emden. Photo from Jürgen Rech.

1975: February
012 100-4 and 012 061-8 at Rheine
Early in 1975 and with just a few months normal service left, 012 100-4 waits at Rheine Depot in the company of 012 061-8. Photo by Jürgen Rech.

1975: March
012 100-4 at Leer012 100-4 at Leer
The photographer himself will agree these are not "master shots" of our lok. But how many other people took photos of 012 100-4 when they were just 11 years old? Well Helmut Boekhoff did, at Leer in March 1975 when this lovely pacific was heading the Eilzug 2730 Norddeich-Köln, due to leave Leer at 16.10 h. In the picture is the characteristic "late 1974/1975" 012 101-6 numberplate on our lok, which was painted over as 012 100-4. Only recently did Volker Siewke mention to Helmut that was a "speciality" of 012 100-4 in those last months of it's time in normal service. It was clear to those in the know as the special "face" of 012 100-4, because the third "0" was very bright.

Thanks to Helmut Boekhoff for the photos and the notes. Does this make Helmut the youngest fan of 012 100-4 from the 1970's? If anyone else can provide proof of being a younger fan of the Dampflokstar der DB in the 1970s please send some photos etc! And does anyone know where the original front number plate of 012 100-4 went to?
012 100-4 leaving Leer

1975: April
April 1975 saw 012 100-4 on some of it's last turns in normal service between Rheine, Emden and Norddeich Mole. Top right on Friday 26th April it is seen heading a Southbound passenger train near to Lathen in dull and gloomy weather. 012 operations were due to end a month later at the end of May. In March I had made my last trip to "say goodbye" to those wonderful pacific operations. But I came back at the end of April to say goodbye again, such was the impact these lovely steam locos had on me!

Right lower and on the next page 012 100-4 is seen the previous evening, the 25th April, leaving Lathen at 18.38 on the 17.40 from Rheine. Lathen was a superb place to stay. The Gasthof "Bruns" was right next to the railway line, and the food and company was always good. It was also a superb station to listen to those lovely three cylinder pacifics climbing away to the North. The evening of April 25th was no exception, as 012 100-4 made a rousing departure and then a noisy run North that could still be heard several minutes after leaving the station.

Photo of 012 100-4 near Lathen Photo of 012 100-4 at Lathen

1975 continued: Lathen on 25th April
Photo of 012 100-4 leaving Lathen

April 1975 continued
Photo of 012 100-4 near Papenburg In an April shower 012 100-4 storms North over the Emsland stretch South of Papenburg. Photo by Christoph Weinkopf.

1975 continued: May 18th
Photo of 012 100-4 near Emden
Just two weeks before the end of normal 012 operation in West Germany, and Volker Siewke took this photo of 012 100-4 leaving Emden with train D714. The train had originated in München, and became the 16.50 from Rheine. It was a train much loved by English "stopwatchers" because of it's fast start to stop schedules which were nearly always met, producing as many as three "even time" runs on some days.

1975 continued: Last day in normal service
Photo of 012 100-4 near Salzbergen
012 100-4 hauls it's last ever normal service train, (E3260), near Salzbergen on 31 May 1975. For many of us that day back in 1975 was a very sad day indeed. It was the last day of steam hauled express passenger trains in Western Europe, and the last day of normal service operation of the 012 class. Many of us thought we would never see an 012 at work again. But that was not to be, especially for 012 100-4! Photo from Jürgen Rech.

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1977: Languishing in a scrap yard
For very many of us who travelled behind 012 100-4 in normal steam days those 1975 views could have been the last we ever saw of her. Like so many other locos withdrawn in the 1970s she was sold off for scrap. But, as was the case in the UK in the 1960s when steam was ending, locos sent to scrap yards did not get scrapped straight away. So on May 21st 1977 Chistoph Weinkopf visited the yard at Mühlheim-Styrum and took this photo of the once proud and powerful three cylinder locomotive.

In 1977 she still looked almost complete, but that wasn't the case around seven years late when the loco had still not been scrapped, but had certainly had some important parts removed.....next photo...

Photo of 012 100-4 in scrapyard

1984: March
Photo of 01 1100 outside Offenburg Works DB had sold the loco to the scrap metal industry soon after withdrawal in 1975. But in 1984 it was re-purchased by DB for use as a Museum loco. It was in very delapidated condition with the cab and other parts already scrapped. But underneath all that delapidation was a basically good loco, seen here in March 1984 outside of Offenburg Works just before it's restoration to main line condition started. Photo from Jürgen Rech.

1984: July
Photo of 012 100-4 inside Offenburg Works Christoph Weinkopf saw 012 100-4 soon after the restoration work had started. Seen here inside Offenburg Loco Works in July 1984.

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1985: April
Photo of 01 1100 outside Offenburg Works That sad looking derelict locomotive from the previous photo was transformed by Offenburg Works between March 1984 and April 1985. On April 12th the loco worked a test train to Hausach, and is seen back at Offenburg Works after that test. Jürgen Rech was present to take this, and the next photo. He wasn't the only great fan of this lovely loco to be present that day, as it is known current Rendsburger Eisenbahnfreunde member Udo Tribess also travelled down to Southern Germany to see this wonderful steam locomotive back in action again. Photo from Jürgen Rech.

1985: April continued
Photo of 01 1100 outside Offenburg Works After taking the previous photo Jürgen asked Herr Müller, the Chief of Offenburg Works, for the loco to move in front of the main repair shop. A request that the undoubtedly proud Works Manager responded to so that Jürgen could get another view of the locomotive so beautifully restored by Herr Müller and his staff. Photo by Jürgen Rech.

1985: April continued
01 1100 at Offenburg Not surprisingly for a loco that was to become so famous, Jürgen Rech was not the only 012 enthusiast present on that April day in 1985. Christoph Weinkopf was also at Offenburg and took this photo, and the next five, showing 012 100-4, (carrying her original 01 1100 number), at the works and on the first test train trip from Offenburg to Hausach and return.

1985: April continued
01 1100 at Offenburg Outside of Offenburg Loco Works, 012 100-4 was photographed by Christoph Weinkopf.
1985: April continued
01 1100 on test train 012 100-4 on the day of it's Offenburg to Hausach test train. Photo by Christoph Weinkopf.
1985: April continued
01 1100 on test train 012 100-4 on the Offenburg to Hausach test train. Photo by Christoph Weinkopf.

1985: April continued
01 1100 on test train 012 100-4 on the Offenburg to Hausach test train. Photo by Christoph Weinkopf.

1985: April continued
01 1100 on test train 012 100-4 on the day of it's Offenburg to Hausach test train. Photo by Christoph Weinkopf.

1985: April continued
Photo of 01 1100 on it's test run April 22nd saw the pacific on a test run from Offenburg to Hausach, and knowing Udo Tribess as I do it was very predictable that he would be there to photograph the pacific as it ran on DB lines again!

1985: May 17th
Photo of 01 1100 and 23 105 01 1100 was back in service on May 17th with the historical Orient Express coaches on a train just for VIP`s and Press. The pacific was doubleheading 23 105 and Jürgen Rech photogaphed them near Lungsdorf on the Nürnberg to Bayreuth line.

1985: May 17th continued
Photo of 01 1100 and 23 105 The pleasant weather continued in the afternoon as the VIP and Press special returned from Bayreuth to Nürnberg, photographed by Jürgen Rech soon after emerging from Sonnenburg Tunnel.

1985: May
Photo of 01 1100 near Neunkirchen It wasn't long before the newly restored loco was back in public service, hauling special passenger trains. Here 01 1100 working a passsenger train from Nurnberg to Amberg near to Neunkirchen. Photo from Jürgen Rech.

1985: May continued
01 1100 near Hersbruck
In May of 1985 the pacific works a train at Hersbruck on the left side of the Pegnitz.
Photo from Jürgen Rech

1985: May continued
01 1100 near Schönlind
01 1100 working at Blockstelle Schönlind on an Amberg to Nürnberg train. Photo from Jürgen Rech.

1985: May continued
01 1100 near Lungsdorf
01 1100 on a special train from Nürnberg to Bayreuth, near to Lungsdorf. Photo from Jürgen Rech.

1985: May continued
01 1100 near Lungsdorf
01 1100 on a special train from Nürnberg to Bayreuth, during it's return from Bayreuth in the tunnel section near Rupprechtstegen. Photo from Jürgen Rech.

1985: June
01 1100 at Nürnberg with two other 01 loks
A pacific parade at Nürnberg Depot on June 1st 1985. Photo from Jürgen Rech.

1985: June continued
01 1100 at Nürnberg with other 01 loks
01 1100 had been restored by DB to take part in the German 150th anniversary celebrations due to take part in June 1985. Jürgen Rech did a bit of celebrating with some of the staff of Nurnberg Loco Depot on the evening of June 21st, so on the morning of 22nd was allowed to climb the sandtower to take this photo of all the steamable locos ready for the main celebrations. Photo from Jürgen Rech.

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1987: May
01 1100 at Giessen
01 1100 leaves Giessen on Father's Day 1987 with a train from Frankfurt to Kassel. Photo from Jürgen Rech.

1988: Entering Hamburg.
012 100-4 entering Hamburg Coming by train from the south, not many cities offer you a welcome similar to Hamburg. With the harbour in sight and the tall churches silhouetting the northern sky, 01 1100 glints superbly on a June evening in 1988, when returning from Hannover. Photo and notes: Robin Garn.

1988: Returning from Puttgarden.
012 100-4 With Volker Siewke at the throttle 01 1100 makes a wonderful roaring thrash after leaving Bad Oldesloe on the return from Puttgarden. June 1988. Photo and notes: Robin Garn

1988: At Hamburg-Eidelstedt.

Shine on!

01 1100 after minor repairs and after being polished at the Hamburg-Eidelstedt sheds. June 1988. Photo: Robin Garn

012 100-4 at Hamburg-Eidelstedt

1988: June
012 100-4 on the Rendsburger Hochbrücke
012 100-4 crosses the Rendsburger Hochbrücke, (Hamburg to Flensburg line), in beautiful lighting conditions on 5th June 1988. This superb photo from Helmut Dahlhaus.

1990: April
01 1100 near Wertheim/Main
01 1100 near to Wertheim Main on a Nürnberg to Frankfurt Main special in April 1990. Photo from Jürgen Rech.

1990: April continued
01 1100 near Kollenberg
01 1100 hauling a DB Museum special, Nürnberg - Lauda - Frankfurt, taken April 1990 near by Kollenberg (between Wertheim and Miltenberg). Photo by Jürgen Rech.

1991: March
Photo of 01 1100 at Gemünden Special from Nürnberg to Hofheim (Frankfurt-Area), for the Braun - Company. The train passes the bridge over the "Fränkische Saale" at Gemünden/Main. The picture was taken March 1991 by Jürgen Rech.

1991: On a Westerland Train
Photo of 01 1100 at  Struckum 012 100-4 with "Schimmelreiter" Hamburg - Westerland during a halt at Struckum, July 28, 1991. Note that the driver is Volker Siewke. Photo: Christian Eilers via Robin Garn

1991: 012 100-4 crossing the Rendsburger Hochbrücke on 28th July
Photo of 012 100-4 on Rendsburger Hochbrücke 012 100-4 crossing the Rendsburger Hochbrücke with a Sonderzug on July 28th. Photo by Jan-Henrik Sellin.

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2000: April
012 100-4 at Meiningen
On April 3rd 2000 012 100-4 was at Meiningen Works, having been out of service for over a year. At this time the loco was owned by DB Reise und Touristik who did not have the finance for the general overhaul needed. But the Rendsburger Eisenbahnfreunde were able to raise the money and with DB Museum were soon to see the loco under overhaul for a return to service in May 2001. Photo and notes from Jürgen Rech.

2001: March
012 100-4 in Meiningen
By March 2001 the general overhaul was well under way. The wheels are already being worked on, with the boiler soon to follow. And the return to service date was the middle of May, just two months away! Photo and notes from Jürgen Rech.

2001: May
012 100-4 outside Meiningen after overhaul
By May 21st 2001 012 100-4 was indeed ready for service again. On that day a ceremony was held at Meiningen Works where Volker Siewke from the Rendsburger Eisenbahnfreunde was handed the loco service book, (Betriebsbuch), by the Chief of DB Nostalgiereisen Claus Rethorn. Photo and notes from Jürgen Rech.

2001: May continued
012 100-4 outside Meiningen after overhaul
A close up of some of the people who had worked hard to get 012 100-4 back into service. Left is Volker Siewke, center Herbert Heuring the Chief of Meiningen Works, and Claus Rethorn. Not long after this photo was taken the pacific left for it's new base at Neumünster. Photo and notes from Jürgen Rech.

2002: May
012 100-4 at the Dresden Steam Festival
012 100-4 well away from it's normal working area: seen here at the May 2002 Dresden Steam Festival. Photo by Florian C. Riedel.

2003: June
012 100-4 at Neumunster
A photo from Jürgen Rech of 012 100-4 at it's Neumünster base, (Heimat), on June 2nd 2003. By standing in the turntable pit to take the photo Jürgen has given us a new and unusual angle on this lovely steam locomotive.

012 100-4 passing Jübek
The 012 passing Jübeck at 100 km/h on July 12th on a Museum train to the Flensburg "Dampf Rundum". Photo from Rainer Schnell.

012 100-4 on Rendsburger Hochbrücke
012 100-4 crossing the Rendsburger Hochbrücke returning from the July 12th Flensburg "Dampf Rundum". Photo from Rainer Schnell.

2003 continued

012 100-4 near Lunden

Danny Teuchert took this photo of 012 100-4 on 3rd August as it roared away from the 60 km/h speed restriction over the "Eider" bridge near to Lunden. The train was on it's way back from Hamburg to Westerland.

2003 continued
012 100-4 near Wrist012 100-4
Above: 012 100-4 heading along near Wrist on the 29th March train to Eckenförde.

Right top: In August the pacific went to a steam festival at Odense in Denmark, and on the 16th is on the main line near Tommerup hauling the DB Museum special to the event from Hamburg. V220 007 was needed to take the train back to Hamburg later that day as the 012 was to stay for the festival.

Right lower: The next day, August 17th the 012 worked a series of special trains from Odense hauling Danish rolling
stock; seen here near to Nyborg.
012 100-4 in Denmark         All three of these sunny weather photos from Rainer Schnell.

012 100-4 leaving Hamburg A lovely view of 012 100-4 soon after leaving Hamburg Hbf for Eckernförde on March 27th 2004. Photo from Grit Neuwald.

012 100-4 near Lunden Peter Krause took this photo of 012 100-4 on May 20th 2004, when the loco was hauling the Schimmelreiter to Westerland. The location is the curve north of Lunden, which is one of only few stations on the Hamburg - Westerland - route that still have the old mechanically operated signals in use.
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